All senior does are on DHIR; all senior does and young stock at least 2 months of age participate in linear appraisal.

All milkings are weighed, yield recorded and lactation curves generated, for purposes of monitoring production as affected by genetics, nutrition, overall health and environment. This data is useful for:

  1. Making selection decisions, comparing to standard lactation curves and production records for ancestors in the pedigree.
  2. for early signs of health problems, such as common groundsel poisoning (Kaki; some weeds must have been introduced with hand-cut rye grass)
  3. Testing the effects of dietary changes, such as reducing feed availability time to 20 minutes twice daily for grain consumption (a negative effect on all does) and introducing new foods (such as beet pulp). When all does showed reduced milk yield in response to changing to a 20 minute grain feeding period after grain was offered on the milking stand, compared to a measured amount of grain concentrate (based on body weight and milk production) fed twice daily and consumed at the animal's leisure, we realized that the brief consumption period did not allow does to feed in a natural manner. Goats browse all day long in nature, eating small amounts at any given time. Forcing them into an unnaturally brief period of gorging on grain (especially high energy and/or high protein feeds) may have other negative consequences in addition to milk yield reduction.

We test all animals for CAE, CL and Johnes; all animals are cared for routinely by Mike Bruss, DVM, my husband.

All kids are bottle-raised on heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized milk, for disease control and for the benefits of good temperament and ease of handling.

We will maintain a very small, highly selective herd of American Oberhasli and will grade up our Experimentals from the Oberhasli-Alpine cross bred by Jan Carlson, UC Davis.

Our goals include high production with good longevity, good conformation with improved genetics for dairy character, strong structural support and good temperament. Showing is not our primary goal, but rather genetic selection will be primarily through performance programs.