California Remus Kaki

California Remus Kaki rear view

AB001577184     DOB 2-24-11     ETA21: 131  ETA12: 46
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Kaki is a petite doe, 110 lb; she was one of triplets in California Kalvin Special K's  last freshening. Unfortunately "Kay", at 9 years old and still milking 3500 lb in her last lactation, succumbed to pregnancy toxemia (ketosis) as the production level + triplets proved to be too much for her. It is possible that these circumstances contributed to Kaki's small size. Still, Kaki is milking ~7% of her body weight (7.5 lb), despite being inadvertently poisoned with what is suspected to have been common groundsel. This weed is highly toxic to the liver and resulted in diarrhea, fever, weight loss and partial dry-up. We caught it in time to avert serious damage, but she had a temporary setback in production.

Kaki has a lovely udder, appropriate for her size. As a yearling first freshener, she still needs time to develop, but is doing nicely. Her twin doelings, CalOak Resistol Rainier and CalOak Resistol Chelan, were 8.2 and 7.8 lb at birth, respectively--good size babies for a small yearling doe.

DHIR Test Day Data:

  DIM Milk Fat% Prot% Test Date
  25 5.6 3.5 2.9 2012-05-15
  53 8.0 2.7 2.4 2012-06-12

Sire:  SB +*B White-Haven Remus  Elite Sire
     SS:  SGCH ++*B Tonka Tails Prince O' the Lakes  LA 90 EEE ('09 Nat'l Premier Sire)
          SSS:  *B Tonka Tails Viscount Nelson  LA 2-06 87 VE+
               SSSS:  SGCH ++*B Tonka Tails Court Jester LA 91 EEE
               SSSD:  PB GCH Tonka Tails Starlite Starbrite 4*M LA 3-00 90 VEEE
          SSD:  GCH Tonka Tails Kendall Rae 8*M LA 5-06 91 EEEE
               SSDS:  SGCH +*B Tonka Tails Court Jester LA 91 EEE
                    SSSDD:  GCH Body Shops Blueberry Dumpling 7*M LA 7-05 91 EEEE
     SD: GCH White-Haven Misty 1*M LA 6-03 90 VEEE
            Oberhasli Total Performer, 2005 ADGA National Show
          SDS:  SGCH +*B White-Haven Krescendo  LA 86 +EV  Elite
               SDSS: ++*B King's-Magic Easter Domingo LA 88 VEE
               SSDS:  GCH Ober-D'Rainbow Secret Siranade 2*M LA 85 VEE+
         SDD:  Ober-D'Rainbow TBSC Fauntasia
              SDDS:  Echo-Hollow's TS Tabasco
              SDDD:  Ober-D'Rainbow AJ Faundue

Dam:  SGCH California Kalvin Special K 4*M LA EX 91
     DS:  +*B Clovertop's Ectorsketch Kalvin
          DSS:  *B Clovertop's Ector Sketch
               DSSS: Obesaan Sir Ector
               DSSD: Clovertop's Buff Orpington
          DSD:  Clovertop's Delicious 3*M
               DSDS: Clovertop's Colonel Sanders
               DSDD: Clovertop's Delaware Dorothy
     DD:  White-Haven Nasake 3*M LA 1-04 78 AV++
          DDS: SGCH +*B White-Haven Krescendo  LA 86 +EV  Elite
               DDSS: ++*B King's-Magic Easter Domingo LA 88 VEE
               DSDS:  GCH Ober-D'Rainbow Secret Siranade 2*M LA 85 VEE+            
          DDD: White-Haven Kagi 2*M LA 2-03 84 +VV+
               DDDS: SG Echo Hollow's TS Campanero
               DDDD: GCH Body Shop's Key Lime Breezer *M LA 4-04 88 +EVE

  • Bred 2011 to Heaven's Hollow Resistol B001520101, owned by Julie Bonini of Heathero herd.
  • Kidded April 21, 2012 -- 2 doelings, CalOak Resistol Rainier AB1598874 and CalOak Resistol Chelan AB1598875.