A001340326, Alpine, Elite sire, leased by UC Davis
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PTI21: 93     PTI12: 103     ETA21: 34     ETA12: 45
PTA:  Milk 122     Fat 6.6     Protein 4.4    Reliability 59      Percentile Rank 96

2011     06-07  V E V V V E E E E E  91
2008     03-06  V V + V + E E E E E  90
2007     02-04  V A A V F E V V V E  87

Sire: ++*B Qu'Appelle V Ember
     SS: +*B Angel Prairie Vega Vlaminck  FS 88 VEV
          SSS: GCH +*B GCH Angel Prairie Keyco Vega
          SSD:  Angel-Prairie Elite Valecia
     SD:  GCH Qu'Appelle Supersonic Eclipse 4*M  LA 92 EEEE
          SDS:  GCH +B Iron-Rod Supersonic
          SDD:  GCH Qu'Appelle Rembrandt Gazelle 3*M

Dam: SGCH Redwood Hills RememberJambalaya 4*M LA 3-06 92 EEEE
          2005 & 2007 NATIONAL CHAMPION (photo)
     DS:  +*B Hoach's Remembrance
        DSS: ++*B Hoach's Reflection Reflex
        DSD: Hoach's SRS Heritage 3*M
    DD: Redwood Hills Sequoia Jambalay 3*M
        DDS: +*B  SG Redwood Hills Sequoia
        DDD: Shining Moon Justine 2*M LA 3-06 EX 92 EEEE

Jaeger has six GCH daughters, four daughters over FS91, including a Top Ten daughter (SGCH Tempo Aquila Xocati 6*M) with 4,000 lbs milk (as a first freshener!) and several producing over 3,000 lbs. His paternal sisters were the 2009 National Champion and Res Nat'l Champions. Jaeger contributes level topline, superior dairy character and correct and productive udders with extensive attachment to his daughters.

2011 Breeding:  California Remus Kacey -- 2 doelings (Experimental 50% Oberhasli, 50% Alpine), California Jaeger Sweetheart and California Jaeger Skeena, DOB 2-26-2012