We encourage those who were unable to purchase this year and expressed interest in next year’s ‘crop’ to reserve your kids in advance. We intend selling all bucklings and many of the doelings for 2013. We are excited to see what our Sir Echo foundation herd sire will bring to the excellent genetic core we started with in 2011 and we hope to get his genetics into as many herds as possible to test his potential as a Young Sire. Therefore, we will offer the following discounts on sales:

  1. 5% discount to any ADGA member who is currently in DHIR Milk Testing, or will be in 2013
  2. 5% discount to any ADGA member who is currently in Linear Appraisal, or will be in 2013
  3. 10% discount to any 4-H dairy goat purchase, to encourage dairy goat Youth involvement and promote the Dairy Herd Improvement Performance Program

Milkers will be sold on occasion, however, advance reservations are not possible for these at this time as we wish to see 2-3 months production first.

Fall 2012 Breeding / Spring 2013 Kidding Summary

Due Date:
Kid Price:
Kid Availability:
Kacey Brictu      
Gala Brictu      
Chicory Brictu      
Sweetheart Brictu      
Skeena Brictu      

Please visit our Sales Policy Page for information on placing reservations for kids.