Sweet Nightingale Gala

Sweet Nightingale Gala

AB001528084     DOB 5-06-2010     More info @ ADGA Genetics

Gala freshened at 2 years; she weighs 128# and is producing ~9% of her body weight -- 10.5-11 lb in early lactation, showing early signs of the high production in her paternal line. Gala's udder is beautifully balanced, with good distribution from fore to rear, large easy-to-milk teats that are well-placed. Gala's first linear appraisal will show us more of her conformation and potential. This doe is sweet, a bit shy, and very close to her paternal half-sister, maternal niece, Chicory.

Linear Appraisal:
     2-01 83 (V V + A)
     Excellent: Rump;
     Very Good or Very Good+: Head, Shoulder, Legs front, Rump, Udder texture (in milk).

DHIR Test Day Data:

  DIM Milk Fat% Prot% Test Date
  22 9.5 2.9 3.2 2012-05-15
  50 8.7 4.0 2.4 2012-06-12

Sire: *B Heaven's Hollow Tapatio
     SS: SG +*B White-Haven Sousa LA 92 EEE
           2003 Spotlight Sale Buck, 2009 Ellite Sire, Breed Leader
          SSS: SGCH ++*B Tonka Tails Court Jester LA 91 EEE
               SSSS: Destiny Farm Star Man
               SSSD: GCH Tonka Tails Kendall Rae 8*M 5-06 91 EEEE
          SSD: GCH White-Haven Kalliope 3*M LA 83 VEVV
               SSDS: ++*B King's-Magic Ts Easter Domingo LA 88 VEE
               SSDD: GCH Ober-D'rainbow Secret Siranade 2*M
     SD: SGCH Heaven's Hollow Zoretta 5*M LA 90 VEEE
            Jr. Natl RCH 2008, permanent champion
             (see photo in August 2009 Oberhasli Swiss Newsletter)
          SDS: Wyojem Conan's Jeffery LA 89 VE
                   sire of '08 Jr RGCH
               SDSS: Nic*er Farm BSB Conan
               SDSD: AJ's Udder Delight Pollyanna
          SDD: SGCH Heaven's Hollow Candy 4*M LA 91 EEEE
                   National Champion, 2005; 5th 2006, permanent champion
                   2007 and 2008 USDA Elite Doe
               SDDS: *B White-Haven Pm Bundaberg LA 90 VEE
                           Natl premier sire 2007
                           Sire of 08 Natl RCH & 09 Natl GCH, 4 SGCH, 3 SG, 3 GCH, 2 CH daughters
               SDDD: GGG Campyriot Persephone 3*M
                           dam also of Jezabell, grand dam of Shotsi

Dam: Hyonahill Wenonah
     DS: Hyonahill Rose Vine
          DSS: *B Hyonahill CM Nicodemus
          DSD: Hyonahill JW Nola Rose 8*M LA 3-03 90 EEEE
     DD: Hyonahill Papaya
            GCH, BOB, BU 2004 CCCDGA  Show
          DDS: +*B Hyonahill Mr. Lincoln
          DDD: Hyonahill Mulberry 3*M LA 4-04 88 VEEV
                   Swiss Golden Belle Award 2003, 3-01 297 3060 116 87

Gala's sire, Heaven's Hollow Tapatio, comes from champion lines on both paternal and maternal sides; the 'best of the best' in the White-Haven line, as well as the Tonka Tails lineage. Tapatio's dam, Heaven's Hollow Zoretta, became 2008 National Reserve Jr Champion as a Jr. Yearling, then permanent champion as a first freshener at 2 years old. Zoretta is a large, long bodied doe like her dam, Candy LA 91 EEEE (who placed 1st at nationals in 2005 and 5th in 2006). Zoretta is a prolific milker (3600 lb, 2010), despite a history of mastitis in one half. She placed #1 on the 2011 top ten milk production list.

Gala's maternal lineage is Hyonahill, well known to many established breeders as a premier herd until recently, as Ruth McCormick has 'retired' from showing and competing after many years.

  • Bred 2011 to Heaven's Hollow Resistol B001520101, owned by Julie Bonini of Heathero herd.
  • Kidded April 24, 2012 -- 1 buckling (SOLD), 1 doeling (SOLD) -- CalOak Resistol Brooks and Coral, respectively; DOB 4/24/12.